Designer Quality Fragrances and Perfumes
Without the Designer Price!

Amazingly Low Prices!
High Quality Products!
The FM Group offer high quality perfumes and fragrances containing 20% perfume oil compared to the weaker Eau de Toilette containing 6-8% which people often purchase on the High Street. We do not have Celebrity endorsement, costly packaging, TV or glossy magazine advertising or retail overheads. All of the FM Group products are sold, via Independent Distributors. Our prices therefore are kept amazingly low!
With over 300 products to choose from we really do have a fragrance for everyone.  Together with luxury shower gels, antibacterial Deodorant sprays and roll-ons and body lotions in many of our most popular fragrances.

EXCELLENT PRODUCTS (FRAGRANCES FOR MEN AND WOMEN), As well as cosmetics such as lip gloss, body/hand & nail creams, children's perfumes, shower gels, deodorants, fragranced hair sprays & footcare products


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