About Us

FM GROUP is a very fast growing company in the perfume market.

Our primary goals are:

- Products always available at the best possible prices.
- Total customer and distributor satisfaction.
- Always being able to satisfy our customer’s requests.

FM Cosmetics UK Ltd began in January 2006 as a partnership between Anita Sieniuc and her father, trading as FM Group UK. Following rapid expansion the limited company was incorporated in April 2007, and relocated to larger premises in July 2007. The company operates under a franchise agreement with FM Group World, based in Poland.

Since 2004 FM Group has enjoyed rapid expansion and now has offices in over 20 countries including:

United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Serbia, Latvia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Israel, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Ukraine, Nigeria, Russia and Australia.

Please note
 FM GROUP do NOT sell branded fragrances 
but only FM branded products from the current FM Catalogue.


Why pay extra money for Advertising, when you can get the same quality of designer Fragrances for a cheaper price?


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